We are now making the entire Inn available to individual private parties.

The impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are continuing and evolving, necessitating significant changes in how we live and play.  Many of us are wrestling with challenging decisions as to whether and how to responsibly travel this summer.  How to support our beloved coastal communities.  How to continue with long held summer traditions and cherished vacations.

We’ve been busy the past couple months transforming the Inn into a business which reflects our new reality.   We’ve transformed the Inn into an exclusive private vacation residence.  So our guests will be able to enjoy all the Cape has to offer while maintaining the fidelity of trusted “social bubbles”.

The property is available for monthly rentals beginning June 1, 2020.

So come enjoy an extended family beach vacation.  Maybe invite another family you trust and share a month together.

Or possibly join with some friends, and upgrade your surroundings with our coastline and beaches while you work from home.   Maybe a month at the beach with your besties is just what your squad needs.

Falmouth and the Cape are evocative places of spiritual renewal, with breathtaking coastlines and natural beauty.  Stroll to surf drive beach daily through picturesque wetlands and a bird sanctuary, and enjoy the view of Martha’s Vineyard across the sound.  Special hikes and walks abound.

Summer of 2020 can absolutely be made into something better.

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