We are intent on our website being accessible to the widest possible audience.

Website Accessibility

The Captain Lawrence Inn is committed to providing a website accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. We are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of our website and in doing so adhere to many evolving standards and guidelines.

Perceivable.  The Captain Lawrence Inn is committed to having a website that is perceivable with assistive technologies for those who have difficulties with one or more of their senses.
Operable.  We endeavor to ensure our website is friendly to keyboard only navigation, and that any forms we use on the website are forgiving.
Understandable.  We try to use clear terms, simple instructions, and execute best practices in user interface design to ensure our users avoid unusual and unexpected issues.
Robust.  We are committed to certain standards and best practices relative using clean html and CSS.  We understand this minimizes risks of assistive technologies not correctly processing our website.

We are committed to achieving level WCAG AA, which addresses the biggest and most common barriers for disabled users.
In specific areas where possible and practicable, we will effort to achieve WCAG AAA standards.

We have evaluated our website using the WAVE SAAS tool, and have made specific changes based upon findings from the analysis.  We intend to make regular use of this useful evaluation tool.

The WP accessibility plugin by Joe Dolson is active on our website implementation.
While this tool does not address all accessibility issues contained within our website software stack, it has allowed us to add some interesting features as well as remedy some deficiencies without having to engage technical experts.

Accessibility of the Captain Lawrence Inn website relies on the the following technologies to work with your browser, as well as any assistive technologies installed on your computer.


*Though not currently live, we are actively evaluating technologies which use AJAX on the website.

Improving website accessibility is an ongoing process for the Captain Lawrence Inn.
We may have challenges when third parties provide images absent suitable descriptions in our forms and community areas, and in the use of third party partner websites we rely on to conduct business.
We are not currently aware of any other areas where a deficiency is present that we are not already working to address, or circumstances that are possible for us to address.
If you are aware of any area of deficiency, or if there is anything you are struggling with on the website, please contact us and we will endeavor to address.

We endeavor to accommodate the widest possible range of guests at the Inn.  It is a historic, older structure which present numerous challenges to certain guests.  We do everything humanly possible to make the Inn available to everyone.
If you have any difficulty with the website, please contact us directly so we can help.
Indeed, please contact us with any questions, issues, or concerns and we will work with you to accommodate special needs.
We can be reached at 508.548.9178, or email innkeeper@captaintomlawrence.com